Come Fall

I am king.
I can do anything.
Come follow,
Come fall
I will show you
All and mine.
Everythings mine.

Then give you twin bright coins
To put all your eye lights lids down.
Then fasten the door.
Wander down.
Fall in time
Fall in time
I count all of mine on fingers stained so...
Come fall, come fall, close your eyes.
We can dance on a tree.

And you will never, touch the ground,
Never touch the ground.
Never touch the ground.
She said...
I can do anything...
I am king...
Come fall, come fall...
Come follow your leader....
Honeymoon In Red LP/CD (1987)


Still Burning

Take the wheel, of the world,
And drive, drive, drive, drive, drive.
Quick as a gun.
Blind like a ghost.
I catch most things in my blood
You all lose between rooms...
One last gasp before I go...

Your crystal skin laced with rust
Laced with rust, laced with rust...
Take the wheel of the world and drive
One blood lust glance of the milky way.
Two shots, one in a million,
Short-circuits a billion light years away...
Down here it rains blood and milk for months,
The zulus are getting too strong to play with no more,
No more, no more...

Take the wheel of the world and drive...
A pocket too fulluva stars
Too hot to handle alone...
Burning a hole, smouldering footsteps that lead to a heart
Mine, yours, who cares, it still burns,
Still borne,
I'm still burning
Burning down...
Take the wheel of the world and drive...
Honeymoon In Red LP/CD (1987)