The Young Charlatans consisted of Rowland S. Howard and Ollie Olsen on guitar and vocals, Jeff Wegener on drums, and the late Janine Hall on bass. The group was formed by the end of 1977, after Rowland and Ollie found success in writing with each other and departed from their previous bands. They recorded the first (and second) version of "Shivers" as part of their unreleased demos in 1978. The group disbanded that year, having only played about 13 shows, and Rowland joined the Boys Next Door.

  1. Broken Hands
  2. Beginning Of A Real War
  3. Drowned
  4. She's Not The Chosen One
  5. Win/Lose
  6. Shivers
  7. She's Not The Chosen One #2
  8. Accident
  9. You And/Or Her
  10. Shivers #2
  11. Retrograde


The song Shivers was recorded, but not originally released.
It resurfaced in 1981 on cassette.

Fast Forward (1981)

 Inner City Sound 2xCD
Disc 1, Track 14. Shivers

A compilation of Australian punk and post-punk, 1976 - 1985. Companion to the most recent edition of Clinton Walker's Inner City Sound. Produced by Stuart Coupe and Clinton Walker, and mastered by Don Bartley.

Laughing Outlaw Records (2005)