Looking For A Place To Fall 12"

Jeremy Gluck & Friends

  1. Looking For A Place To Fall
  2. Time Goes Faster
  3. One More Story
  4. Looking For A Place To Fall (Reprise)
Jeremy Gluck - Vocals
Nikki Sudden - Guitar and Bouzouki
Rowland S. Howard - Bass and Guitar
Epic Soundtracks - Drums
Andrew Bean - Drums

Tuff! Enuff (1987)

 I Knew Buffalo Bill LP/CD

Jeremy Gluck with Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard
Featuring Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Epic Soundtracks

  1. Looking For A Place To Fall
  2. Too Long
  3. Gone Free
  4. Hymn
  5. Time Undone
  6. Gallery Wharf
  7. Four Seasons Of Trouble
  8. All My Secrets

Flicknife (1987)
Diesel Motor Records (1998) CD w/ more tracks
Released again in 2006
Munster Records (2011)

 Burning Skulls Rise EP

Jeremy Gluck, Nikki Sudden, Rowland S. Howard, and guest musicians

  1. Sorrow Drive
  2. Episode In A Town
  3. April North
  4. The Proving Trail
  5. They're Hanging Me Tonight
  6. Burning Skulls Rise

Flicknife (1988)