A Tribute to Rowland S Howard 2xCD
A Tribute to Rowland S Howard 2xCD

Black Hearted Disc (CD1)

  1. I Ate The Knife
    Mick Harvey
  2. Several Sins
    Stanlet P
  3. Undone
  4. Sleep Alone
    Dimi Dero Inc
  5. Blast Off
    Punish Yourself
  6. Better Blood
    The Hate Inside
  7. Dull Day
    The Dead Brothers
  8. Hide
    Jon Ulecia
  9. Crowned
    The Drones
  10. Dead Radio
    Penny Ikinger
  11. "Blood And Sand" She Said
    The Bellmer Dolls
  12. Still Burning
    Kamikaze Trio ft. Spencer P. Jones
  13. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)
    Alice Texas

Red Blooded Disc (CD2)

  1. Shivers
    Nikki Sudden
  2. I Burnt Your Clothes
    The Holy Soul
  3. French Revolution Blues
    The Gallows
  4. Silver Chain
    Mark Steiner
  5. So The Story Goes
    The Iron Cobra Orchestra
  6. Endless Fall
    Wok ft. Demi Dero
  7. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)
    Circo Fantasma ft. Amaury Cambuzat
  8. La Folle De La Ville (Black Milk)
    Gil Rose & Les Hydropathes
  9. Shivers
    Noah Taylor
  10. I Ate The Knife
  11. Song For Rowland
    Leone Carmen
  12. So The Story Goes
    Rowland S. Howard

Stagger Records (2006)