Peter Lillie

Samurai Star/The Man From Brashs/Dangerman Theme 7" (1980)

Engineered by Peter Inglis at the Pitt St Studio Carlton Oct '79. Dangerman Theme engineered by Tony Cohen at Richmond Recorders Jan '79.

Features Rowland S. Howard, Mick Harvey and Phill Calvert.

Samurai Star is included on Peter Lillie's Guitar Method LP (Missing Link, 1981).

Missing Link

 Einst├╝rzende Neubauten (w/ Lydia Lunch)

Thirsty Animal/Durstiges Tier 12" (1982)

Available on the EN compilation Kalte Sterne (2004) on Mute.

 Fad Gadget

I Discover Love 12" (1983)

Also available on The Best of Fad Gadget CD (2001) on Mute.

Gag LP (1984) CD (1991)

Rowland plays guitar on Ideal World and Ad Nauseam.

 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Kicking Against The Pricks LP/CD (1986)

Rowland sings backing vocals on All Tomorrow's Parties, and plays organ and guitar on By The Time I Get To Phoenix. On Mute Records.

Let Love In LP/CD (1994)

Rowland sings backing vocals on Do You Love Me? On Mute Records.

Murder Ballads LP/CD (1996)

Rowland sings backing vocals on The Curse Of Millhaven. On Mute Records.

 Henry Rollins

Short Walk On A Long Pier LP (1985)

Rowland plays guitar on Alienation with Chris Haskett.

Was re-released at least twice. On vinyl in 1989, and as a double-disc with Big Ugly Mouth (artwork pictured) in 2006.

 A.C. Marias

Time Was 12" (1987)

Time Was
Some Thing

With Barry Adamson, Bruce Gilbert, Rowland S. Howard, Paul Kendall and John Fryer. Recorded at Worldwide Studio 1987. Mixed at Blackwing Studio 1987.

On Mute Records.

 Ron Rude

Waldsterben EP (1989)

Rowland plays guitar on the title track.
EP unreleased, information can be found here.

Artwork and photo by Phillip Sipp.

 Barry Adamson

Moss Side Story LP/CD (1988/9)

Rowland plays guitar on Autodestruction in Act Three: The Final Irony.

Delusion LP/CD (1991)

Rowland plays guitar on These Boots Are Made For Walking.

 Epic Soundtracks

Rise Above CD (1992)

Rowland plays guitar on Sad Song, Wild Situation, and Meet Me On The Beach.

 Spencer P. Jones

Rumour of Death LP/CD (1994)

Rowland plays guitar on Slamming On The Brakes #2 and Jet Boy, Jet Girl. On Red Eye Records.

 Chris Haskett

Language CD (1995)

Rowland co-wrote (?) and plays guitar on Spider Mother, Mr. Twisty Wants His Car Wreck, Days In A Lifeboat and Invisible Western. On 2.13.61 Records.

 Mick Harvey (w/ Adalita)

Suburban Mayhem OST CD (2006)

The soundtrack to new Australian indie flick, Suburban Mayhem, features a line up of blistering rock acts, including new vocal performances by MAGIC DIRT's ADALITA and a score composed and produced by aussie legend, MICK HARVEY...

Rowland plays guitar on Double Dare and Sex Beat along with Spencer P. Jones (guitar), Mick Harvey (organ), Dean Turner (bass) and Peter Jones (drums).[1][2]

 Magic Dirt

White Boy EP CD (2009)

Rowland is featured on Summer High, which was arranged by Adalita and Joe McKee / Mushroom Music. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at Birdland Studios, and produced by Lindsay Gravina.