Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts (1999)

Recorded in early 1997 at Birdland Studios with the help of Lindsay Gravina and Rowland S. Howard. Peter Knight played some trumpet and Steve Boyle handled the percussion.

All songs by Hungry Ghosts.
Cover painting by David Brooks.

J. BonehamT. HowdenJ. Brooks


Marry Me Tonight (2009)

Recorded at Birdland Studios, Melbourne, February 2006
Produced by Rowland S. Howard and Lindsay Gravina
Released on Blast First Petite

Sean Stewart - Bass
Nigel Yang - Guitar, Electronics
Jonnine Davis - Vocals

Guest musicians:
Rowland S. Howard - Guitar on HA and Disco, Synthesizer on Rentboy
Rohan Rebeiro - Drums on Waltz Real Slow and Panties, Percussion on Disco
Conrad Standish - Backing vocals on Fascinator