Your Flesh #27 - 1993

These Immortal Souls
I'm Never Gonna Die Again LP
King Of Kalifornia 12"

No guitar record this year even came close to these in terms of sound: squeals, growls, spazz outs and fluid as hell playing. Not as slow as the first LP, but so perfect it is disgusting. Rowland races around between amazing piano lines and the lyrics are the far side of amazing. This combo is so unique, so pleasant and so fun that I sincerely hope it won't take nearly as long for more records. If there was a God, Mute would push the fuck out of this band and spring for a US tour. But I'm a lapsed Catholic and have no faith in English record labels. This record is better than anyone deserves, so buy it and maybe we'll be graced by their presence. I'm saying please.

- Sean McDonnell