These Immortal Souls Press Kit - 1987


ROWLAND S. HOWARD - Guitar & Vocals

Immortality. Of the soul. From the soul. These souls are truly immortal.

How do you achieve immortality? Some can point to the pyramids, where the dreams and grandeur of ancient pharoahs survive some thousands of years later. Others will point to writings like the Code of Hanaroubi, which has been called the world's oldest manuscript. The band These Immortal Souls however, have a different plan.

The sound of the soul. The real soul, that lives beyond the confines of our earth-locked human existence. Rowland S. Howard (Birthday Party, Crime and the City Solution) along with Epic Soundtracks (Red Crayola, Swell Maps, Crime and the City Solution), Genevieve McGuckin and Harry Howard, have found that sound.

It will no doubt outlast all that has come before it.

With an ethereal feel of the basest human emotions, These Immortal Souls craft a sound that can truly be called a direct extension of their collective souls. Swirling pianos that echo the joy of being alive. The pounding rhythms of anger, hate and frustration. The slicing guitars that mirror avarice and greed and the vocals that are greater than the sum of all mortal emotions combine and give rise to the immortal sound of this band.

Like the souls which is ever changing, ever growing, These Immortal Souls are in a state of constant flux. They plan to play live frequently. They also (like the soul) plan on having a eternal flow of physical manifestations (i.e. records)

The first of the mortal manifestations of the band's soul is the twelve- inch Marry Me (Lie! Lie!), released in the UK. This is followed by their first full-length album for SST, "Get Lost (Don't Lie)".

These Immortal Souls, a sound for the immortal spirit, and a live experience for our earthbound existence.