Guestbook Entries - January 2010

4 January 2010

Rowland's work means so very much to me. I regret never being able to have seen him perform live but I'm thankful for the music he's left behind.

Rowland is gone and there will never be another like him but his memory lives on through his music.

ricky trux
5 January 2010

can't believe you're gone, dear friend. been too good to be true for so many years....too good for this mediocre world. never got to see you perform even. missed Crime & C.C. in '86.....thought i could make it up one day soon, but here i sit 24 years later feeling cheated. you are one the Truly Greats....nobody can compare now, not even close. thanks for all the beautiful heart wrenching notes that you've given us....they will not die.

6 January 2010

sleep peacefully rowland. in my minds eye, i still see you as the very young man i saw over 30 yrs ago. thats more than half my life time ago. i really appreciate the effort you made for your last gig at the prince, i knew how sick you were, but you gave us your best. fond memories. we love you and will not forget you.

Susan Collard
7 January 2010

it is surreal when someone your own age leaves so unexpectantly.I met Rowland at 3PBS when I was record librarian. Rowland insisted on making us the coffee as well as investigating the record library. Mick Geyer, who has also sadly left us, was the interviewer. What a lovely man, totally without ego, as are the best musicians. Vale Rowland, all my love to Harry, your beautiful sister and all your family. Susan Collard

Hugo Yap
10 January 2010

Rowland, you passed away the day before my birthday and I found out on the morning of my birthday. I was so sad.

I missed the gig you did at The Oxford Art Factory just to do an extra shift worth 50$ at work, thinking that I could always catch you some other time. Now I'm crushed.

But you led a heroic life. Every time I feel down, I just put on "The Golden Age of Bloodshed" on my mp3 player. Rowland who never gave up the fight, who had his Fender Jaguar beside him even in death, singing "On this worst of all possible worlds, on this planet of perpetual sorrows, I found the best of all possible girls - she's as pure, and white and bright as tomorrow". Really cathartic; the idea that a woman's love will save you from the horrors of existence.

You inspired me to write my own music too. This is a bit naive - but, you made me realize one doesn't have to be a Stevie Ray Vaughn to create great music. Dead Radio and Shut Me Down are my favoritest songs and they're not lick-heavy finger twisters.

Rowland, I'll see you for that big jam session in the sky. But until then, I can only try to be as good as you, as a musician.



Rowland S. Howard (1959-2009) rest in peace
19 January 2010

I saw Rowland perform live at All Tomorrow's Parties in Sydney 2009, and he was the stand out performance for me personally. I managed to get a few photos of him until my film ran out that day. Rest in Peace Rowland. Peace to you and family and loved ones. Thanks for the music. Peace, Matt