LowLife #13 - 1988

Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard
Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc
(Creation/Relativity LP)

I was ranting about These Immortal Souls, then I heard this record, and I've hardly listened to Get Lost (Don't Lie) since then. This L.P. is always on the turntable instead. For my ears, this is the best thing either of these sharp dressers has done since their respective heydays in their respective historic bands. That is not to dismiss the amazing mass of recorded music they've both churned out over the years. This record is simply one of my favorite rock records in years. An appreciation of the probably requires a certain tolerance or understanding of these two guys' quirks. In particular, our pal Nikki, who is perhaps an acquired taste. There is no doubt that this record is the best place to begin. There is plenty of vocal variation between breathy grim Rowland and sickly sweetly hurt Nikki, and the string action between the two of them gets really fierce on even the wimpiest lost love songs. The fact that the bouzouki on "Feather Beds" sounds identical to the mandolin on "Maggie May" is something I've learned to grit my teeth about, really. (from Relativity)

- G.T.