Conflict #48 - Summer 1988

These Immortal Souls
Siberia - 4/4/88

Every rockstar in NYC turned out for this one --- which meant that These Immortal Souls went an entire tour without drawing more than 30 paying customers a gig I'll bet (speaks volumes for the tastes of clubowners and the massive promo efforts of clubowners who somehow always manage to lose those posters)... watching Rowland sing and play at the same time should be enough to discourage most people from trying either... sickly keyboard chick won't be doing any Members Only ads anytime soon --- somebody give her a hot meal and a blood change. Epic's still one of rock's 5 drummers that don't suck (last time I said who the other 4 were everybody who wasn't included got mad) and I really think if this band ever played again they'd be my favorite group. As is, playing in such a circus-like atmosphere undercuts a lot of the tension in their best songs --- no fault of These Immortal Souls, but I've no doubt that NYC was one of the worst cities I could've seen them in.

- Gerard Cosloy