Away From The Pulsebeat - Early '88

Jeremy Gluck & Nikki Sudden
I Knew Buffalo Bill LP
Looking For A Place To Fall 12"

Guess you could call it a "comeback" of sorts after the last few years of schizophrenic, erratic Gluck. And a razorsharp comeback it is. LP fully titled Jeremy Gluck With Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard featuring Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Epic Soundtracks (EP shortened to JG & Friends), 'tis a return to the bare-bones roots appeal of the Barracudas, as if Civilization Machine and Life Ahead never happened. Oh, I'll drink to that alrighty, and don't bother me with details like the fact that this ain't really got a whit in sonic common with the 'Cudas of yore. Purportedly 3 or 4 years in the planning, with words by Gluck and music by Sudden, is a predictable collision of the spirit 'n energy of their respective pasts, stripped naked and juiced up high fulla raw emotion. You can figure on an amazing mix 'n match line-up of musicians that could easily burn you to a crisp, but would prefer to jab a spit through your gizzard and baste ya slowly. You can figure on experiencing the same gut-tightening jolt that some lucky priest might've felt when an anonymous voice from the booth next door confessed to Ed Gein's lifestyle. Gems, kiddies. Dig in.