Away From The Pulsebeat - Early '88

These Immortal Souls
Get Lost (Don't Lie)

If some visionary five years past had predicted a head-on collision between Swell Maps and The Birthday Party, with a hybrid creature stealing the best of both to rise from the debris, that someone would've been quickly and unceremoniously dismissed as a crackpot dreamer and completely ignored. Well TIS are one tentacle of that creature, as necessary as Crime/City or Howard/Sudden, and vaguely a bridge between. Less darkness madness than the former, more spiky hard-edge than the latter. I'm wasting words. Own this and, for one alternate song, own the Mute EP that preceded it. Your insides will swim in confusing knots. You'll find yourself in love and hating it, and vice versa. Sin, salvation, sex. Glory in the dry dirt. Everything you'd rather keep hidden, out in the open for all to poke, prod, and misunderstand. You have to laugh at their stupid responses, and suddenly it all makes sense. One of Earth's best. Now if only you could stop giggling, Renfield . . .