Dangerous Rhythms #8 - Summer '87

Jeremy Gluck
I Knew Buffalo Bill (Flicknife) 12" - LP - 33.3

The band involved with Jeremy Gluck here should raise quite a few eyebrows, and infest the turntables it hits quite frequently, I'll bet. Gosh, Gluck's cast features Nikki Sudden, Rowland S. Howard, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Epic Soundtracks. But any literate fool could have told you that. Past greatness associated with the names here would merit high expectations and they're certainly met. Not really trying to label it as a late night album, parts of this are dare I say, very pretty. Though input by members of the Gun Club and Crime & The City Solution provide this with some hypnotic atmosphere, the contribution by Nikki Sudden (Swell Maps, Jacobites) carries much of the weight. Acoustic guitar carries most of the melody, but Pierce's slide work and Howard's note bending and signature amplification aren't missable.

Only available as an import and really under hyped, this is definitely one of the more sound purchases you can make.