B Side Magazine #22 - late 1987


Like most of us I guess Rowland Howard is still struggling with himself and his art is ultimately the winner with the listener the beneficiary. One hell of an artistic process though and although that process may be tormenting, the music itself, like most music born out of pain, is inspired. Not surprisingly, blues in an abstract form is Howard's mode of operation and garnished with haunting piano cascades that perfectly foil the torment of his lyrics, frightened rabbit vocals and his strike and moan guitar. The record abounds with these contrasts and at some moments, the music is as pretty as it is hurt. Howard's songwriting is once more attaining epic proportions. Robert Johnson is watching and listening, nodding a silent approval for a truly remarkable record that has boundless breadth and depth even though the legendary bluesman never was one for the big city.

- Murray Engleheart