Dangerous Rhythms #7 - Fall 1986

Crime and the City Solution - Just South of Heaven 12"-EP-45

Approaching this band is a lot like searching off the Florida coast for the remains of the bodies burned in the shuttle Challenger. I guess after they found the fried corpses, there was relief in knowing they found what they sought, yet had to deal with the morbid task of creating excitement over the discovery. Such is what I get out of Crime And The City Solution.

Just South Of Heaven offers little to be happy about outside of the fact that prolonged exposure makes their sorrow a long awaited find. Led by a plundering explosive percussive bash, Crime keep things slow and noisy. Vocalist Simon Bonney makes his pain the listeners, and when Rowland S. Howard's searing guitar and Mick Harvey's keyboards clash, the whole sound launches like wildfire. Given the crisp production results, the whole thing becomes a beautiful mess.

Add to that the three-song KENTUCKY CLICK 12" and Crime suddenly becomes something to be reckoned with.

- Gene Temesy