Ox-Fanzine #89 - April/May 2010

Posted by Several Sins on 2010-08-30

Here is a short bio written in tribute to Rowland by Markus Kolodziej and published in a recent issue of the German Ox-Fanzine: The six strings that drew blood.

Golden Age of Bloodshed 7"

Posted by Several Sins on 2010-08-29

The Golden Age of Bloodshed 7" is now available to pre-order at JB Hi-Fi online.

    Very limited individually numbered 7" single with red coloured vinyl

    Golden Age Of Bloodshed includes the non-album B-Side Lost In Space

    Lost In Space was a piece composed by Rowland for the Pop Crimes album which remained unfinished. It was mixed after his passing and is presented here respectfully as an interpretation of his original intent - Mick Harvey, J.P. Shilo and Lindsay Gravina

    Side A:
    The Golden Age of Bloodshed

    Side B:
    Lost In Space

Tributes to Rowland S. Howard

Posted by Several Sins on 2010-08-23

On tumblr is a tribute to Rowland, written by the lovely Olivia Scarlett (accompanied by an interview with Harry Howard).

Also, the UK rock zine Bubblegum Slut, in their latest issue (#37), pays tribute to Rowland with an exclusive article by Birthday Party biographer Robert Brokenmouth, in which Brokenmouth "shares memories of Rowland, praise for his music and impressions of his memorial service this January..."

For information on purchasing a copy, please visit the zine's MySpace page at www.myspace.com/bubblegumslutzine.

Golden Age of Bloodshed 7"

Posted by Several Sins on 2010-07-28

Golden Age of Bloodshed will be released on limited edition blood-red vinyl, with the b-side "Lost In Space" (mixed by Mick Harvey and JP Shilo). Coming soon!

Swamplandzine - 2010

Posted by Several Sins on 2010-06-21

Swamplandzine - 2010
Reflections on Rowland S. Howard

With contributions from Simon Bonney, Kristian Brenchley, Robert Brokenmouth Julie Finley, Cypress Grove, Gabriel Hart, Janne Perttula, Phil Shoenfelt and Mark Steiner. Photos by Carbie Warbie and Miles Standish, Button photo by Ryan SkeletonBoy.

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